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Services, Products and Advantages

Potomac Wealth Strategies delivers outstanding services, products and advantages:


Investment Planning
We first determine your portfolio objective, tolerance for risk, and investment time horizon.  Then we create an Investment Plan tailored to your specific situation.

Account Management
We open the proper accounts for you at Schwab Institutional and transfer over your existing accounts so we can help you directly.  While you will deal directly with Potomac Wealth Strategies, Schwab Institutional is available to provide excellent customer service on administrative matters if we are not available.

Portfolio Management
We implement your Investment Plan using our unique portfolio management methodology.  We begin with a long-term strategic asset allocation based on Nobel Prize-winning portfolio theory.  Within that strategy, we incorporate a global, flexible approach the likes of which is too often provided only to high net worth and institutional investors.  This dynamic approach is rare and effective, showing significantly better returns and lower volatility than the far more common strategic-only portfolios.

Financial Advice
If you prefer a more comprehensive approach to your financial life, Potomac Wealth Strategies offers evaluation of, advice on, and products and services for:

  • Net Worth
  • Cash Flow
  • Emergency Reserves
  • Life, Disability, and Long-term Care Insurance
  • Retirement Funding
  • Education Funding
  • Additional planning coordinated with your tax and legal advisors

Potomac Wealth Strategies is compensated directly by you, the client.  We are not compensated by any product vendors or marketing entities.  There are many fair and prudent ways for us to earn our income, but we believe this is best for our clients and for us.

Investment clients pay an annual advisory fee to Potomac Wealth Strategies.  The fee is a percentage of the clients assets under management at the firm.  It covers most (usually all) investment transactions and all investment and financial advice provided by the firm.

Advice-only clients pay a flat-rate annually, starting at $500 (and increasing with the complexity each client’s situation).  While Potomac Wealth Strategies prefers to work with clients whose investments are under our management, we offer this alternative fee structure to ensure our services are accessible to those who may not be able to invest much or at all directly with us.  


  • Mutual Funds
  • Exchange-traded Funds
  • Exchange-traded Notes
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Annuities
  • Life, Disability, Long-term Care and Medicare Supplement Insurance

The Potomac Wealth Strategies Advantage

Potomac Wealth Strategies services are effective, innovative, and time-tested, and they are delivered through client-friendly processes.  We work hard and we work efficiently to earn and maintain your trust.

The bottom line...  Potomac Wealth Strategies clients invest more prudently and better understand their overall financial situations and thus are better equipped to set and achieve their goals.