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The Team

Gary Linck Partoyan

Financial Advisor & Owner

Gary Partoyan is the Financial Advisor for clients of Potomac Wealth Strategies, LLC (PWS).  Gary's job is to help clients invest, save, and plan for their financial goals.  He founded PWS in the fall of 2009 after working for eight years in the same capacity at Morgan Stanley and A.G. Edwards (which, during his time there, became Wachovia Securities and then ultimately Wells Fargo Advisors).

Charles Schwab & Company is the Custodian for most of the financial assets advised on by PWS.  Schwab's job is to keep client assets safe and secure and provide necessary records of transactions and holdings (note, asset values may fluctuate and neither Schwab nor PWS can promise specific investment gain or loss results).  Schwab's institutional division is the industry’s leading investment asset custodian and account administrator for clients of independent RIAs like PWS.  PWS hired Schwab Institutional as custodian of its clients' assets, and together they provide safe custody, reliable record-keeping, and sound advice.

Gary earned his B.A. in International Relations from Boston University in 1991 and spent time in politics, technology, and telecom before embarking in 2001 on his career of choice as a financial advisor.  Gary later chose to become an independent financial advisor to ensure he can always offer the services and products he thinks are best, and to the clients he chooses to serve.  His professional passion is helping people do the best they can in their financial lives.  He invests his clients money wisely and serves as their trusted guide on a wide range of financial matters.

If you are ready to plan, save, invest, and spend wisely, Gary Partoyan would like to hear from you.  He can be reached by email at