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The Firm

Potomac Wealth Strategies, LLC (PWS) was established with three guiding principles:  Freedom, Accountability, and Mutuality

  • Freedom means the financial advisor is 100% free to recommend the strategies and products that are best for clients.
  • Accountability means the financial advisor is the owner of the firm and accountable to just clients and the regulators.
  • Mutuality means clients pay less and the financial advisor earns, more for advice and services that are as good or better than those offered by big firms.

PWS is based in Alexandria, Virginia, and serves clients around the USA.  No matter how much money PWS advises on for a client, every client is given the same attention, time, respect, and expertise.  That is PWS' way of doing business by design, and also it is an obligation per the fiduciary capacity in which PWS serves each client.  It is a great way to do business and the right way to treat clients.

In an industry where so many firms are named "XYZ Wealth Management" or similar, Potomac Wealth Strategies' name has special meaning.  Whether or not you already have a sizeable portfolio to manage, you need a strategy and help implementing it, and PWS is here to help.

Potomac Wealth Strategies' owner and family members use the same products and pay the same fees as PWS clients.  If it is good for clients, it is good for PWS.

Potomac Wealth Strategies, LLC is an independent Registered Investment Advisor and does not serve as a broker, dealer, or custodian.  PWS is compensated with fees for investment and financial advice, paid directly to PWS by its clients.  PWS is not paid transactional commissions or by any companies whose products PWS sells.  PWS deliberately and proactively avoids business arrangements that could interfere with its objectivity.