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Portfolio Model Returns Through 3/31/2020

| April 07, 2020

Here is the performance data for my firm's portfolio models, as well as some others and also several key benchmarks.  Despite the sudden and massive market decline in the past 1.5 months, our models held up pretty well compared to their benchmarks, and they continue to show significant benchmark-beating long-term performance.

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--Gary Partoyan, Potomac Wealth Strategies LLC

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US and Foreign Indexes 3 mo1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr2018 
Stock Markets (72-21-7 US-Foreign-EM) -21.0%-11.3%-4.4%1.0%2.4%5.8%-9.1% 
S&P 500 PR -20.0%-8.8%-1.1%3.0%4.6%8.3%-6.2% 
Dow Jones Industrial Avg PR -23.2%-15.5%-4.6%2.0%4.3%7.3%-5.6% 
MSCI EAFE (foreign stocks) -23.4%-16.8%-11.8%-4.5%-3.4%-0.2%-16.1% 
MSCI EM (emerging mkts stocks) -23.9%-19.8%-14.9%-4.0%-2.7%-1.7%-16.6% 
Barclays Agg Bond (US bonds) 3.2%8.9%6.7%4.8%3.4%3.9%0.0% 
Citi WGBI nonUSD (foreign bonds) -1.9%1.8%-1.4%3.1%2.4%1.4%-1.8% 
Aggressive Models (90% stocks-10% bonds) -19.5%-10.3%-3.6%0.9%2.2%5.9%-8.3%0.26
Benchmark  Returns 3 mo1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr20180.26
90 Strategic VI -19.7%-11.0%-2.8%3.1%3.9%7.3%-5.0%1.48
95 Strategic V -23.0%-14.4%-5.5%1.3%3.6%7.6%-6.2%1.49
90 Schwab Index 2019 -20.3%-10.0%-2.7%2.4%4.1%7.7%-6.3%2.60
95 Strategic USA II -22.3%-11.9%-1.4%2.5%4.6%9.2%-2.4%1.06
Confluence Value Opportunities         
Confluence Equity Income         
WealthFront 9 -21.1%-12.2%-5.6%0.7%2.2%5.2%-9.1%2.87
Franklin Mutual Beacon A -26.9%-17.9%-7.4%-3.6%0.3%5.6%-8.5%2.63
American Funds Port Ser Growth -19.2%-9.0%-2.6%3.7%5.1%8.6%-6.6%1.12
American Funds Global Growth -20.0%-9.7%-4.1%3.0%4.1%7.2%-9.0%1.23
Moderately Aggressive Models (75-25) -16.0%-7.2%-1.9%1.7%2.4%5.6%-6.9%0.65%
Benchmark Returns 3 mo1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr201812 mo yld
80 Strategic VI -16.6%-8.1%-1.4%3.5%3.9%6.9%-4.3%1.73
80 Strategic V -20.1%-11.6%-3.7%2.2%4.0%7.5%-5.1%1.94
80 Strategic III -19.2%-10.6%-2.3%1.7%3.4%7.2%-4.5%1.47
80 Schwab Index 2019 -16.9%-7.3%-1.2%2.8%3.8%7.2%-5.3%2.50
Money 75 -19.4%-11.9%-3.6%0.9%2.9%6.9%-5.0%2.71
T Rowe Price Spectrum Moderate Growth Allocation (TRSGX) -18.3%-9.5%-3.2%2.7%3.7%7.6%-6.1%1.62
American Funds Port Ser Gr+Inc -15.2%-6.2%-1.2%3.0%4.2%7.3%-5.9%2.17
Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 Inv -18.3%-8.7%-2.9%2.2%3.4%7.2%-7.3%2.79
Moderate Models (60-40) -12.4%-4.0%0.0%2.4%2.7%5.4%-5.4%1.04%
Benchmark Returns 3 mo1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr201812 mo yld
60 Strategic VI -13.7%-5.8%-0.3%3.5%3.7%6.4%-3.5%2.04%
60 Strategic V -16.1%-8.5%-2.2%2.4%3.7%6.6%-3.8%2.11%
60 Strategic III -16.3%-8.3%-1.3%1.8%3.1%6.6%-4.0%1.66%
60 ETF 2020 -14.3%-6.0%-0.4%2.6%3.3%6.4%-4.2%2.60%
60 Index Schwab 2019 -14.0%-5.4%-0.3%2.9%3.7%6.5%-3.8%2.49%
Janus Henderson Balanced T (JABAX) -11.6%-0.3%4.0%7.1%5.9%7.7%0.5%1.88%
American Funds Port Ser Moderate Gr+Inc -12.7%-4.1%-0.1%3.3%3.9% -4.6%1.97%
American Funds American Balanced F-1 -11.6%-2.4%1.8%4.3%5.3%8.3%-2.8%2.07%
Moderately Conservative Models (40-60) -7.5%0.0%1.9%3.2%2.9%4.8%-3.7%1.47%
Benchmark Returns 3 mo1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr201812 mo yld
40 Strategic VI -9.0%-1.8%1.5%3.8%3.6%5.6%-2.2%2.29%
40 Strategic V -12.2%-5.4%-0.8%2.1%3.0%5.5%-3.4%2.55%
40 ETF 2020 -8.1%0.2%2.8%3.8%3.7%6.0%-3.0%2.55%
T Rowe Price Spectrum Conservative Allocation (PRSIX) -11.2%-4.5%-0.6%2.5%3.1%5.5%-3.0%2.17%
Conservative Models (20-80) -2.2%4.4%4.5%4.1%3.2%4.4%-1.7%2.07%
Benchmark Returns 3 mo1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr201812 mo yld
20 Strategic VI-p -10.7%-4.9%-0.3%0.9%2.0%5.0%-1.1%5.03%
20 Strategic VI -4.8%1.2%2.7%3.5%3.1%4.4%-1.0%2.68%
20 Strategic V -7.9%-2.2%0.9%2.3%2.7%4.6%-1.9%2.86%
20 ETF 2020 -2.9%4.1%4.7%4.3%3.5%5.1%-1.3%2.50%
20 Index Schwab 2019 -2.5%4.1%4.3%4.1%  -1.2%2.55%
Fidelity Advisor Asset Mgr 20% (FTAWX) -5.5%0.0%1.5%2.2%2.2%3.6%-2.0%1.80%
Very Conservative Models (00-100) 2.8%8.2%6.1%4.7%3.2%3.6%0.0%2.43%
Benchmark Returns 3 mo1 yr2 yr3 yr5 yr10 yr201812 mo yld
00 Strategic VI -0.7%4.4%4.0%3.4%2.7%3.7%-0.5%2.97%
00 ETF Vanguard Core 1.4%6.9%5.8%4.4%3.2%3.9% 2.79%
NASDAQ DW Tactical Fixed Income         
NOTE 1:  Past performance is no guarantee of specific future results.  This data is presented by Potomac Wealth Strategies, LLC.  This data is from Morningstar and should be accurate, but it has not been independently verified. 
NOTE 2:  "Flex", "Strategic", and "Index" models are crafted/run by Potomac Wealth Strategies.  They show history of better returns, lower volatility, or both--or, with the Index models, closer tracking--vs benchmarks and competitors. 
NOTE 3:  "XX Schwab index" and "XX Schwab ETF" models are relatively low-cost and tax-efficient portfolios.  They are comprised mostly of index funds or exchange-trade funds available free of transaction charges to my clients at Schwab.  This is what many might recommend due to low-costs and portfolio efficiency. 
NOTE 4:  Nothing on this blog post is specific investment advice to any individual or organization.  If the information hereon is of interest to you, please send e-mail to for a consultation.