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Portfolio Model updates for Aggressive and Moderately Aggressive investors

| May 13, 2021

Here are the Potomac Wealth Strategies portfolio models for long-term Aggressive and Moderately Aggressive investors.  These models are diversified with exposure to Stocks, Bonds, Cash, and Alternative investments, with the heaviest weightings in various kinds of stocks.  Linked to each model below is its Morningstar Snapshot report, showing composition and performance/risk data of the model.  These models are designed by Gary Partoyan of Potomac Wealth Strategies, and this blog post is not a solicitation of business or a specific recommendation (if you want to know how you should be invested, please contact Gary at (703-746-8195 to schedule a consultation).


80 Index Schwab VIII

80 Strategic VIII


90 Index Schwab VIII

90 Strategic VIII