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Garo Linck Partoyan

Garo Linck Partoyan

Financial Advisor & Owner

My name is Gary Partoyan, and I am the Financial Advisor for clients of Potomac Wealth Strategies, LLC (PWS).  My job is to help clients invest, save, and plan for their financial goals.  I founded PWS in the fall of 2009 after working for eight years in similar capacities at Morgan Stanley and A.G. Edwards (which, during my time there, became Wachovia Securities and then ultimately Wells Fargo Advisors).

After earning my B.A. in International Relations from Boston University in 1991, I worked for a decade in politics, technology, and telecom.  Then I embarked on my career of choice in 2001, becoming a financial advisor and building a book of business and learning the industry and how to be my clients' trusted guide.  As I learned more about the financial services industry, I wanted to be free to do the job the way I know is best for my clients, and so I chose to become an independent financial advisor.  No more product- or compensation-driven conflicts (there weren't many then; there are none now), no more management directives on how much to grow the business or account-size minimums, and no more unexpected corporate changes.  Seriously, at one point I worked for three different firms in two years while at the same desk.  Now I truly work for my clients, not for an employer.  My advice is objective, conflict-free, and reasonably-priced.

If you are ready to plan, save, invest, and spend wisely, please contact me for a free consultation.

Thank you!